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Changing Your Name After A Divorce

Change My Name After A Divorce

Do I Have To Change My Name After A Divorce?

You are not required to change your name after a divorce. The choice is yours to make not the other parties. It may be important to keep your last name the same because of credentials that have been obtained, reputation in the community, reputation in the professional realm, or because you have minor children with the same last name.

Should I Change My Last Name, Before, During Or After A Divorce?

I always recommend waiting until the divorce is final to change her name. Changing your name prior to divorce is an expensive process because to do it legally you must follow the name change protocol and at a minimum that requires publishing and a filing fee. It doesn’t make any sense to incur the additional expense when the cost is included in your divorce.

Which Parent Can Claim Children As Dependents For Tax Purposes?

At the time child support is determined, it is decided which parent will claim the children as dependents. Child dependency comes into play in the child support calculation.

How Do I Keep The Oher Party From Selling Or Giving Away Things Prior To Divorce?

Prior to filing divorce there is not much you can do, once the divorce is filed the automatic Temporary Restraining Order’s cake and upon service and no property is allowed to be sold in less it’s in the ordinary course of business.

What If My Spouse Sold Off Our Marital Assets?

If your spouse sold off marital assets then your spouse owes you one half of the value of the property sold or the amount received for the property whichever is greater.

Can I Force The Other Party To Move Out So That I Can Sell The House?

The judge can order the other party to move out of the house and the house be sold. Often times if a party is uncooperative on selling the marital residence, the judge will order them to vacate the residence to allow it to be sold.

Can We Keep Living In Our Home After We Divorce?

Two adults can do whatever they decide they want to do; they can live together in the marital home after divorce. However, it would be very highly recommended to have a written agreement as to the division of the home as well as the burden of the expenses and maintaining the home.

Will The Family Home Need To Be Sold To Give The Other Party Their Share Of Equity In The Home?

The family home does not necessarily need to be sold to pay the other party their share of the equity. This should their share of the equity could be offset against retirement accounts, any other asset, or there’s always the possibility of a loan being taken against the property to pay off the other spouse.

Who Will Pay The Expenses Of The House Until It Is Sold?

The house expenses until the houses sold our community debts. Both parties are responsible equally to pay these debts, however, if one of the parties is living in the home that party would be responsible for the utilities normally, and would of the other spouse one half of the fair rental value.

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